Fall colors and driveway to the orchard.

Ela Orchard is located in Rochester, Wisconsin. We grow many varieties of apples and pears, and we press fresh apple cider.

We sell apples and cider at our apple barn during the fall season and into the winter. For the 2021 season, cider production is suspended until our new construction is complete. You can sample the varieties available and our goats would love to eat any leftover cores!

Our Situation This Season (from 2021 -- 2022 update forthcoming)

Our apple barn burned down on Jan 12 and with it much of our capacity for handling our harvest. The trees on which the apples grow were not affected.

Thanks in large part to  the most generous donations and support and encouragement of so many of you, we are working to rebuild our barn and  to do what we can to get our apples to you this season. Plans have moved  along for the rebuilding, but the timeline for a new building is slower than the ripening of the apples. For now, we are set up to operate without a building. Work on a cold storage portion of the barn will begin first with our selling and sorting area coming afterwards.

There is a moderate crop of the apples overall this year, and although we have some temporary cold storage to tide us over, it will not be sufficient for the whole crop.

So we encourage any of you who might be interested to consider some volume sauce making (20lb of apples makes about 7 or 8  quarts of sauce) for canning or freezing, to make use of the crop we have and to get some fine flavors stored for the winter.

We are open at the orchard and our selling layout will likely evolve throughout the season. Stop by any time during our open hours as in past years, or, if you'd prefer, we can take any orders and get them to you at the markets or at the orchard.

We are also working to restore and rebuild our cider operation, but is slow with many pieces of the operation to be gathered, or remade,  and put together, and the operation has to have the space in the new barn  be created for it before the press and equipment can be assembled.

The remaining stone foundation and pillars of the Apple Barn after the fire
August 2021: New construction plans are underway and will incorporate the stone that survived the fire

The old barn pictured prior to 2021
The old barn is pictured here from an earlier year prior to the fire in January of 2021. It was built originally in 1907.