Apples & Pears

Apples on Trees

Apple Varieties Grown at Ela Orchard Include:

Variety Approximate Ripening
Lodi Late July - August
Melba August into September
Redfree Late August into September
Milton Late August into September
Wealthy Late August into September
Honeycrisp September - October
Gala September - October
McIntosh September - October
Cortland September - October
Macoun September - October
Spartan  Late September into winter
Liberty Late September into winter
Empire Late September into winter
Jonathan Late September into winter
Jonafree Late September into winter
Red Delicious Late September into winter
Tolman Sweet October into winter
Snow October into winter
Wolf River October into winter
Ida Red Later October into winter
Jonagold Later October into winter
Golden Russet Later October into winter
Golden Delicious Later October into winter
Stayman Winesap Later October into winter
Black Willow Twig Later October into winter
Fuji Later October into winter

Rome Beauty,
Paula Red,
Northern Spy,
and others

We have a small amount of these varieties, and they ripen at various times throughout the season.

Pear Varieties grown at Ela Orchard include:

  • Parker Pears - September/October
  • Lincoln Pears - September
  • Bosc Pears
  • Moonglow Pears - October

The harvest season extends from late July through October. We color-pick apples as they ripen.

No two growing seasons are the same: Maturity dates, volume of harvest, size and quality in specific varieties are determined by conditions which vary from season to season.