November 5, 2022

Posted on Sat, 11/05/2022 - 05:59

Hours Updated

  • With the end of daylight saving time on November 6th we now close at 5 pm every day instead of 6 pm.

Varieties this week

  • Apples
    • Black Willow Twig
    • Cortland
    • Empire
    • Fuji
    • Gala
    • Golden Delicious
    • Golden Russet
    • Ida Red
    • Jonagold
    • Jonathan
    • Macoun
    • McIntosh
    • Melba
    • Milton
    • Northern Spy
    • Red Delicious
    • Snow
    • Spartan
    • Tolman Sweet
    • Wealthy
    • Winesap
    • Wolf River
    • Small quantities of: Honeycrisp, Liberty, Northern Spy, Northwest Greening, Lemon Lightning, Lodi, extremely ripe Moonglow pears, and a few others might also be available but are not guaranteed.

No apple cider this year: our cider pressing operation is still under construction and completion date looks like it will occur after 2022 ends but before the 2023 season.

We are open in Rochester (every day, noon until 5 p.m.), and you can also find us at a market this weekend:


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