Ela Orchard

Ela Orchard is located in Rochester, Wisconsin. We grow  many varieties of apples and pears, and we press fresh apple cider.

Aug 26, 2014

Our early apples are apple this year have been very limited.
The few Lodi apples we had are gone, and we have just a few Melba  left from a very small crop.

We have started picking Milton and Wealthy, but both of them are yielding a much shorter supply than usual.

Next to ripen will be Gala in a week or so, with  McIntosh and other varieties coming along in middle September;


Normally we would open the  Apple Barn for the season on Labor Day Weekend, but we do not have enough apples to sustain the Barn being open, so it will be later this year. We will announce it here and on facebook when we are able to open with regular hours. If you want to get some apples at the barn before we open give us a call and we will arrange a time to meet you at the barn. Phone (262-534=2545 )


We  plan to be at the Burlington Market this week on Thursday Aug 28



In this unusual  year, we will have to see what is ripe for picking this week before we know for sure whether we can make it to the Market Saturday Aug 30. We will try to update this by Friday  with information on whether we will be there Saturday or whether we have to sit out a week while more apples ripen.